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"He, who knows how to listen, hears wisdom.
He, who does not know how to listen, hears only noise."
Chinese saying.

Includes Hypertension (high blood pressure), Hypotension (low blood pressure), Pulmonary Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis, weak heart disorders and strokes.

In older people, hypotension (low blood pressure) can indicate problems with the heart or nervous system, diabetes, heart disease, hypoglycemia, liver disease or anemia. Obviously, it is not to be ignored.

We have a certain responsibility to keep our bodies in good health,
as far as it lies within our power to do so…as a loan from God.

If the circulatory system is hampered by high or low pressure, hardening of the arteries or deposits in the vessels themselves one is at risk for the life threatening conditions mentioned above. Pulmonary hypertension is when the circulatory disorder also affects the lungs and is very difficult to treat. Hundreds of thousands are diagnosed each year. In 2003 Americans spent 15.6 billion dollars on the 4 best selling cholesterol and blood pressure medications.

Generally, the traditional medical community considers these conditions as incurable but controllable. Therefore, billions of dollars is being spent each year in attempting to treat the symptoms.

Being stupid, isn't not knowing much, nor is it not wanting to know much.
Being stupid, is believing you know enough.
A.J. Daniel-novelist

American medicine is geared to treating symptoms while the oriental approach is to treat the causes and to prevent the condition. Many times these conditions are caused by diet, lifestyle and weight factors

Medicine cures three tenths, diet cures seven tenths.
From China

Our NATURAL & ALTERNATIVE HEALING RESOURCE DIRECTORY provides information on great products and where to buy them that specifically target many of the conditions that affect "modern man" today.  Drinking Kombucha on a regular basis also may very well be the most important thing you can do to regain and maintain good health.

This ain't yo mama's tea

Kombu. .  what, you might ask.
What is it?

It is an Oriental fermented tea remedy that can be traced back to 400 B.C. where it originated in what is known today as Korea. It is perfectly safe and is used today by 500 million people around the world. Emperors, Czars and even an American President have used the tea. The President in the 1980/s was being treated for Cancer and was having metastases (spreading of cancer cells). A culture was brought in from Japan and incorporated into his treatment. He survived and lived into his nineties.

It wasn't until 1993 that Kombucha was introduced to the American public. Today, over 3,000,000 Americans drink Kombucha on a regular basis.

So what can Kombucha do for those with blood pressure disorders?

Americans have been clogging up their arteries, veins and organs for years. Much of this clogging can be attributed to our consumption of chemically altered fats and the over 5 pounds of chemical additives in our food that each adult American consumes each year. We are also exposed to a wide variety of environmental pollutants.

Remember what we listed earlier as other medical conditions that can cause hypotension (low blood pressure). Kombucha is very beneficial for those conditions and we have separate web pages that go into more detail.

Kombucha seems to be the biological equivalent of STP gas treatment, carburetor cleaner and radiator flush all rolled into one. It works at the cellular and molecular level pulling the toxins out. Glucuronic acid (GA) then binds toxins in the liver which are then sent to the urine. Toxins bound by GA cannot be reabsorbed by the intestines or the urinary system.  Some experts believe Kombucha brewed with black tea is best for low blood pressure and a 50/50 blend of green & black tea is best for those with high blood pressure.

Kombucha also softens hardened veins and arteries, lowers cholesterol, improves liver function and as you start feeling better your stress level starts dropping. Kombucha is also an ADAPTOGEN in that it balances processes that get out of balance. This enables it raise blood pressure if one has low pressure and lower pressure if one has high blood pressure. Many people who are over weight start to slowly lose weight and those who are underweight due to illness etc might start gaining weight.

As you can see, Kombucha doesn't address just one or two symptoms. Rather it addresses the whole body's systems.

Dr. Madaus wrote in “Biological Method of Healing” that the Kombucha culture and its metabolic products affect the regeneration of cell walls and is therefore an excellent remedy for hardening of the arteries.

Dr. Maxim Bing found the Kombucha a “very effective means of combating hardening of the arteries, gout and sluggishness of the bowels.

Dr. E. Arauner confirmed that the Kombucha culture is the “most effective natural folk remedy” for fatigue, nervous tension, incipient sighs of old age, hardening of the arteries, sluggishness of the bowels, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and diabetes.

One of the earlier medical references to Kombucha was 1928: Dr. L. Mollenda reported the tea remedy was very effective for digestive disorders, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gout and kidney and gallstones.

In 1929, Dr. S Hermann concluded that it should also lower cholesterol and help arteriosclerosis.

In 1954 G. F. Barbancik wrote one of the earliest books on Kombucha detailing how it was used at a Russian hospital. He reported successful treatment of tonsillitis, inflammatory diseases, dysentery and high blood pressure.

Anne from NY reports the following:  My blood pressure has dropped.  I have back damage from an accident and arthritis.  I dragged my left leg when I arise in the morning now I can pick it up.  I’ve had no pain since being on the Kombucha. 

            Kenneth of AR is a believer:  By age 44 he had spent 10 years on disability from his job of driving a truck.  His medical infirmities have included a bad heart, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, bad digestion, diabetes and depression.  A few months ago, one of his neighbors gave him a Kombucha mushroom.  Since then, it’s just like I’m a little kid again, Sikorsky said.  He still has heart problems but his other ailments seem to have vanished. 

            Some Alternative practitioners in addition to Kombucha recommend adding silica to the daily diet as well to elasticize the blood vessels. 

            James of TX reports:  My wonderful MD recommended Kombucha because I have trouble with blood clots.  Kombucha has heparin.

In late 2001 my cholesterol was at 273. I stayed away from the popular drugs and thru better diet and supplements dropped it to 230 where it leveled off. I then started drinking Kombucha because of my arthritis. By May 2005 my cholesterol level had dropped to 165 and my blood pressure was at 122/54. The nurse accused me of being a teenager who looked 65 years old which I took as a complement. Did I mention I still work about 60 hours a week?
Ernie, Shreveport, LA.

My husband feels that his physical and mental capacities have improved since taking Kombucha and his blood pressure has returned to normal.
 Frau J.S. West Germany

A great number of people in our tiny country have been cured of the greatest variety of metabolic diseases by Kombucha. GP's and specialists are often speechless at the relatively quick healing through Kombucha. Some people who suffered for years without improvement are now cured thru using Kombucha. Rheumatism patients told us that with Kombucha they could do away with wheelchairs or crutches. Intestinal complaints, high blood pressure and rheumatic pains, all healed.
Frau R.W. the Netherlands

Mrs. A. Before taking Kombucha regularly I had very low blood pressure. It rose to normal within a few months. It has also had a positive effect on my digestion and substantial improvement of my blood count.

Mrs. K: I used to suffer from high blood pressure and have a myoma. The blood pressure has come down to normal. The Kombucha beverage does me good.

Mrs. D: I have been drinking the Kombucha tea for 3 weeks and I feel much better than before. Fresher, younger and fitter since I am not so tired anymore because of low blood pressure.

A 75 year old friend has been able to cut her blood pressure medicine in half. The medicine was causing an irritating rash all over her body and that is clearing up now also.

You have to work with your body if you hope to overcome a circulatory disorder. Prescription medications can provide temporary relief but for long range health you have to flush the "gunk" out of your arteries, veins and organs and if you have some bad personal habits they need to be corrected. I am originally from Missouri and as Uncle Harry (Truman) would say, "the buck stops here".

Kombucha often enhances the effectiveness of medications so keep your health provider informed in case dosage needs to be altered.

Kombucha by itself doesn't cure anything.
It simply nourishes at the cellular level so that your marvelous body can heal itself.

It costs only about $5 a month since you brew the tea yourself. About 1 or 2 hours a month is needed for the brewing and cleanup. It's also simple. If you can bake a Duncan Hines cake then you too can be a Master Brewmeister.

I grew up in Missouri and as Uncle Harry (Truman) would say, the buck stops here.  If you are willing to put forth a little effort there is no reason for you to continue to suffer. I know it sounds too simple to be true so visit our Home page for the details of our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  For more technical information on Kombucha and its history click on the About Kombucha and America's America's Health Crisis pages.

Since Kombucha nourishes at the cellular membrane level it has a positive effect on many chronic and debilitating conditions. On the left side of our Home Page we list many conditions that millions of Americans are suffering from. If you or a loved one has any of these conditions take the time to check it out and see how Kombucha might be of benefit. Take charge of your family's health today.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented is for information purposes only. It is based on scientific studies and or traditional usage. Consult a health care professional before using supplements or making any changes in prescription medications. The information and statements contained herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

SIDE EFFECTS WARNING: Those drinking properly prepared Kombucha in sufficient quantities should experience increased energy and stamina, improved mood, stronger immune system, some weight loss (if over your natural weight), lower medical bills and vitamin and supplement savings. Many will experience improvement or elimination of a wide variety of medical conditions. A much improved "quality of life" is not uncommon. Proceed at your own risk.

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