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America is the sickest of the industrialized countries. We are ranked 25th in overall health compared to the other modern and industrialized countries. We have an abundant food supply and even provide millions of poor people with food stamps and Medicaid health care so how can this be so?


Our creator blessed humans with marvelous but complicated bodies and brains. Our digestive system breaks down the food we eat and our GI tract usually contains between 400 to 500 different species of bacteria. In an adult this bacteria weighs about 3 pounds. About 70% of the body's defensive mechanisms are imbedded in the walls of your intestines. Your circulatory system has about 75,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries that carry blood and nutrition to all parts of your body and brain. Other organs play an important role such as your Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Ovaries, Prostate, Thyroid etc.


Simply put our organs and systems are starved of proper nutrition and overwhelmed by the thousands of chemicals in our home and workplace environment and our food supply. We have also become addicted to OTC (over the counter) products and prescription medications. Often these products provide temporary relief for one condition but cause side effects that damage other systems and organs. You are then hooked on the "medication merry-go-round".

The least expensive and most effective Natural Remedy for a wide variety of health issues is Kombucha. It has a 2400 year old record of providing relief and improving health without harmful side effects.


At Cajun Ernie we want everyone to be healthy and happy so we go a step further. In addition to being a well established and respected provider of Kombucha products, we also subscribe to several Alternative and Natural Health Newsletters. Some people may have multiple health issues or have an extreme condition that Kombucha cannot overcome. We sift thru the piles of literature we receive and include our Natural & Alternative Healing Resource Directory, which provides information on the most promising and best researched cures with all of our out going orders of $25 or more. Obviously everyone doesn't have every medical condition described but you may have a family member or friend who can benefit from this information.


Click on the Resource Directory, above right, for more information.


The Directory contains over 170 pages of valuable health information and can be ordered separately.
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METABOLISM, generally speaking, is the chemical processes in your body that change air, food, and other materials into the substances your body needs to function properly. A wide range of disorders today could be labeled "metabolic disorders". These disorders are costing Americans billions of dollars to treat each year and are causing tremendous misery. Just take a look at the conditions listed on the left side of the page. Almost every American adult has at least one of these conditions. Most Seniors have several of the conditions.


Have you ever noticed how certain conditions seem to run in the family such as obesity, cancer, heart conditions, diabetes etc. I believe that often it has more to do with diet and lifestyle instead of genes. A family eats the same food more or less and kids pickup on their parents' bad habits. So, often conditions that affect the parents' health also affect the kids as they grow older. What do you think?


Each of the over 25 conditions or systems listed on the left side has around 4 pages of information including how Kombucha might relieve or help your body cure or prevent that condition. So if you, a family member or a close friend has one of the conditions…simply click on the condition for more information.


Kombucha is an Oriental folk medicine or home remedy. Sort of a poor man's medicine chest. Since 400 BC cures and improvements in health have been credited to Kombucha for everything from arthritis to zits. Even pets and livestock can benefit from Kombucha.


Kombucha is commonly called a mushroom because of its shape but is positively NOT a mushroom. It is actually a "complex symbiosis of friendly bacteria and beneficial yeasts" that encases itself in a cellulose covering. I had an email from Russia recently including an article by the hermitress Anastasia. She claims Kombucha is a gift from outer space. Yeah, right. It does have a flying saucer shape though.

I'm not going to eat that thing….let Mikey eat it.

You don't eat the Kombucha mushroom (culture). You drink the tart tasting fermented tea it produces.  Three, 4 ounce glasses a day is the average amount needed for most people.


Briefly, here's how it works:

You put the Kombucha mushroom in a bowl of sweet black tea (plain old orange pekoe and pekoe) and let it ferment for 12 to 14 days. The caffeine and sugar in the tea fuels the fermentation. A marvelous chemical transformation takes place resulting in a tart tasting tea containing a cornucopia of important acids plus vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Other substances are also produced with antibiotic, antiseptic and detoxifying properties. More complete details are in the ABOUT KOMBUCHA section. The mushroom also reproduces itself every fermentation cycle.


Yeasts in general contain many important minerals and we assume that they transfer directly and accurately in small quantities to Kombucha fermented tea:
Chromium plays a role in regulating your blood glucose level. Recent studies indicate it may prevent artery disease and help lower cholesterol levels. It also helps build muscle tissue.

Iron helps transport oxygen in your blood and releases it to all your body's tissues.

Phosphorus works with calcium to maintain your bones' growth and strength.

Potassium helps regulate your body fluids including your blood. It has a direct influence on your blood pressure.

Sodium is found in your body fluids. It helps keep your fluid levels balanced. It also helps your muscles contract, powering your moves.

Sulphur is needed in many parts of your body, in proteins used for hair, nails and cartilage. Also in the B vitamins thiamin and biotin and in your liver for helping remove toxins.

It is generally recommended that Kombucha should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. Sip it slowly rather than gulping it down. The other glasses can be taken after lunch and after dinner. For weight loss, drink Kombucha before or during meals.

Complete brewing instructions are included
with every mushroom order.


You drink the tea to strengthen the body's systems, normalize functions, improve specific conditions and overall health. Most people enjoy an average of 6 benefits from drinking Kombucha. Aged fermented tea and pieces of mushroom are useful in First Aid, Home Remedies etc etc when used externally.

Kombucha is an ADAPTOGEN in that it balances
processes that get out of kilter.

Example:  Some people who are underweight, gain weight while others who are overweight, lose weight This returning to a more natural weight level for the individual involved is spread over a period of time and the pounds usually stay off or on more naturally. Throw in the boost in energy and you become more active thus burning off more excess calories.

"In late 2001 my cholesterol level was 273. I stayed away from the popular drugs and thru better diet dropped it to 230. I then started drinking Kombucha because of my arthritis. By May, 2005 my cholesterol level had dropped to 165 and my blood pressure was at 122/54. Not bad for a 65 year old that works 60 hours a week."
. . . . . Ernie


Even infants and babies can benefit from Kombucha. An infant at birth still has an underdeveloped digestive system. Yet, we expect it to be able to digest, dead, factory produced formula. Colic, gas, diarrhea and constipation are the result. Kombucha is a living tea. Just a few drops in the baby's formula bottle helps the stomach normalize stomach acids and promote healthy intestinal flora. Later you have the "teething" cycle. Soak a cotton pad or ball with Kombucha and massage the child's sore gum. It relieves pain and lessens the chance of infection. More complete details are in our 50+ booklet. Mom and Dad can also drink Kombucha to increase energy levels, maintain an even mood level and lessen the chance of Post Partum Depression


As our children get older and become young adults they start showing some of the afflictions and conditions of their parents plus have a host of other medical problems such as A.D.D., A.D.H.D., emotional problems etc. Some research scientists believe that nutritional deficiencies are a contributing factor.


These are only the highlights and much more information is available on the other pages of our website regarding the state of America's health crisis and the benefits of making Kombucha a part of your daily diet.

They say Kombucha can do it all and more and the ingredients to produce Kombucha costs about 10 cents a day per person
As humorist Will Rogers might say, Kombucha does a lot of things for a lot of people everyday. It probably can't do everything for everybody everyday. We are confident enough, however, of Kombucha's healing and preventative powers that we offer the following
Satisfaction Guarantee:

Brew the Kombucha tea according to directions and drink a minimum of three 4 ounce glasses a day. At the end of 4 months, if you don't feel that you have significantly benefited from Kombucha, send us a letter at:

Cajun Ernie
Shreveport, LA

Ernie no longer fulfills orders


Any AIDs, Arthritis, Cancer patient or for that matter, person with a major debilitating condition in the U.S.A. who cannot afford a Kombucha mushroom kit can receive one by simply paying the $9.55 shipping cost. Write me at the address shown above.


Do you have a family member or close friend who could benefit from Kombucha? Send them the gift of improved health. It beats the heck out of socks and ties. Just fill in their name & address in the Ship To section and let them know its coming. You wouldn't want them to think the box contains a baby alligator or bomb and call the hazmat team. You might also want to print out the page on our website most closely related to their condition for them.

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